Lake District Paintball is probably Cumbria’s best  paintball site. We have been running paintball games in Cumbria for the last 14 years. The site is geared towards group bookings, although in the summer months we do offer paintball games on a turn up and play basis.



Managed by John Wilson, Lake District Paintball is part of Active8events (UK) Ltd, who have been delivering high energy adventure events within the Lake District for the last 25 years. John is married with two children and when he's not working his main interests are: cycling, snowboarding, stand up Paddle Boarding and fly fishing. He is passionate (almost excessively so) about making any experience as good as it can be. When he's not helping sort out your visit to the Lakes he's planning his next adventure. So if you want to talk snowboarding in the Tatra's or the Kamchatka peninsula,drop him a line.


AKA Man Man, Alex has been working for Lake District Paintball since 2006 when he started on the site as a ball boy, taking time out for University and travel. Alex is now back in the Lakes, hopefully full time. At the age 19 Alex accompanied John and a group of international old school snow boarders on a life affirming trip to the Wasatch Mountains in Utah and Man Man was born. Alex Plays Rugby for Penrith RUFC and has an unhealthy appetite for the gym.

SAM GUERRIERO ("Italian for warrior" apparently)

Half Italian Sam brings a bit of International glamour to the team, downhill mountain biker, Snowboarder and party animal. Sam is currently studying Geology at Leeds and is working his holidays at Rookin House paintball site. When back in Cumbria Sam can be found sat at the chef's table at the Villa Bianca Restaurant in Penrith.

Sam (Putters) Putnam

Putters is a self proclaimed "greatest thinker of our time", no one has the time or the effort to disagree with him. Having just returned from a 2 and half year stint abroad he is slightly detached from reality but we are doing our best to return him to his Lake District roots. When he's not running paintball sessions at Rookin House he can be found curled up next to a fire with a beer yearning for warmer climates.


You'll know when you've met BO. Born in Carlisle. Cumbria just wasn't big enough for him, he has climbed, paddled, dived, surfed and latterly kite surfed his way round the globe. He now splits his time between guiding in the Himalaya, building climbing walls in Singapore, kite surfing in Tariffa or Brazil and when he's home in the Lakes fronting up at the paintball site. The king of understatement, it's always a pleasure to sit back and listen to one of Bo's stories.


Joe is the only celebrity look alike on the team he is available for weddings, bar mitzvah's and funerals. We first met Joe as a customer when we hosted his 40 birthday party at the site, he's now become one of the team. Not only does he have an uncanny resemblance of Keith Lemon he's also one of Cumbria's only reality TV stars! Joe spends his winter in Austria as a Ski instructor and summers in the Lakes, sailing partying and of course marshalling at Lake District Paintball.


Mick is the only true monkey hanger on the team! His greatest achievement in life is to still have it! Mick is an extreme character in every sense, a genuine climbing addict with his particular passion being the remote and highly adventurous climbs on the far Northern sea stacks and cliffs. Where the combined danger of loose rock, aggressive sea birds and ledges running with fulmar vomit get him going. As a respite from this kind of thrill seeking Mick is a regular on the beaches of Egypt where the combination of cheap flights and great winter windsurfing give him his speed fix.


Surfer and part time lap dancer, Alex is the can do man of Lake District Paintball. Alex has just returned from a winter season in the French Alps and is saving for his big Costa Rica surf safari. Alex is by far the best beer pong player on the team.!!