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Paintball is a team game where players attempt to shoot each other with biodegradable paint capsules fired from gas powered semi-automatic paintball markers (Guns) Players wear protective camouflage clothing, gloves and full face masks to protect them from impact of the balls. Games take place in a rough mix woodland site under constant supervision from trained professional marshals.

Although the padded NBC camouflage clothing does afford some protection, it can still hurt a little!

Anyone can play as long as they have a reasonable level of fitness. We suggest that players should not be under 12 years old.

We run three sessions a day 10:00hrs 14:000hrs and (18:00hrs summer only) each session lasts 3 hrs.

The basic package is £35 which includes all equipment and 200 balls. Extra balls are charged at £6 per 100.

We recommend that players wear loose fitting clothing and boots or strong trainers. We provide Camouflage cover all that are worn over the top of the clothes you turn up in.

All equipment is provided: Inferno semi-automatic paintball marker, gas bottle and unlimited gas, paintball hopper with 200 balls, V force face mask, Full NBC camouflage suit and gloves. Extra balls can be purchased on the day @ £6 per 100

Yes, we sell extra paintballs @ £6 per 100 balls. We do not allow players to use their own paint.

Yes, smoke and grenades can be purchased on site.

Yes, we have 3 excellent country pubs within 2 miles of the site.

Yes, see our accommodation page here

Yes, we offer a number of activity packages including, Survival Skills, Ghyll Scrambling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Golf Football and Via Ferrata.

It is quite intimidating if you're scared of heights, however there are escape routes in the early stages to allow team members to bottle out if they don't like it!

You are constantly attached to a running cable belay system which will catch you if you fall.

Th trip is very physical you will climb 1000ft up the rock face of a mountain.

Useful Info:

LOCAL PUBS : We are blessed to be with 5 miles of the following brilliant Pubs.

The Clickham Inn Blencow Tel: 017684 80024

The Boot and Shoe  Greystoke Tel: 017684 83343

The Sun Inn Newton Reigny Tel: 01768 867055

The Herdwick Inn Penruddock Tel: 017684 83007

The Sportsman's Inn, Penruddock Tel: 017684 83231

Nearby Pubs 
The White Horse Scales Blencathra Tel:017687 79883 6 miles away, it also has excellent bunk house accommodation. 

The Horse and Farrier Dacre Tel: 017684 86541

Lakeland Spice Cuisine: The essential difference between Lakeland Spice Cuisine and any other Curry House are the Staff,  Sid and the lads a great. 

Tel: 017687 80005