Birkmere Paintball Site

Lake District Paintball's main site is at Rookin House Activity Centre, 6 miles from Penrith and Junction 40 of the M6

Paintball Site

Our Paintball games take place in 400 acres of private  woodland. The paintball playing area offers great natural cover as well as buildings and trench systems. The terrain lends itself to military style scenario paintball game play. We have deliberately kept the paintball playing area as natural as possible, making use of the existing forest landscape to provide a unique playing area. Once you’re in among it you’ll see why, just you, the forest and the game!  Trenches, Fallen trees, hidden buildings and bunkers.

Paintball Site Safety

At Lake District paintball we want you to have an enjoyable and safe paint balling experience. We put a lot of attention into creating great game play structures and a comfortable safe area with weather proof shelters. The paintball site safe area is netted off from the playing arena to allow players and spectators to watch the games in total safety.

Paintball Safety Briefing

At lake District Paintball we want you to feel, valued and safe. On arrival you will be greeted by a member of staff, issued with NBC camouflage jackets and trousers and gloves. Once suited up the Paintball marshal will give the safety briefing which includes the use of, face mask, paintball marker, safe area as well as site rules.

On completion of the safety brief all paint balling participants must sign the indemnity form to confirm they understand the inherent dangers of the game and the consequences of not following the safety brief. They will then be allocated teams and then issued paintball markers.

Paintball Games

At Lake District Paintball we like to keep the action intense and engaging. Games are fast paced and last between 10-15 minutes. Before each paintball game the teams will be briefed on the objective and given time to discuss team tactics before the game begins. In an average session we will run 10 - 12 games with the addition of a last man standing or Cumbrian Stag Hunt to finish.

Game Scenarios 

We can structure any session to meet the requirements of our groups and can vary the type of games we play to ensure maximum time playing and minimum time sitting in the safe area.


We run a group booking policy which means you can book the site for sole use. We run up to three sessions a day at 10:00am, 2:00 pm in summer we also have 6:00pm session.

Mobile Paintball 

Lake District paintball is the only paintball provider in Cumbria to offer a fully mobile service. We can bring paint balling games to your venue. Over the last 18 years we have supplied mobile paintball to corporate events, family fun days, school sports events and cadet training camps as well as private party booking. For flat field and sports field events we have a giant sup air inflatable paintball arena which can accommodate teams of up to 20 players at once. We specialize in tournament style games which provide great entertainment for the participating teams as well as an audience. We also provide a safety net installation which ensures that spectators are protected from the paintball action!



Lake District  Paintball  has a choice of  sites within Cumbria, so no matter where you are in the Lake District or how big your group is we will have a site to suit.

Paintball Games In Eskdale

Lake District Paintball can now offer paintball games in the Eskdale Valley in the western lakes: This site is a semi permanent mixed woodland site in the Eskdale valley, the site is managed by Steve Ashall and the team from West Lakes Adventure. A perfect place to enjoy the paintball experience surrounded by the natural beauty of the western lakes. Eskdale provides a whole host of different games within this unique woodland site. "It's an awesome venue with plenty of character." Whilst you're in the valley it's well worth trying the activities that West Lakes Adventure provide.